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Our mission at Teleo, is to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital realms, developing intelligent solutions that enhance efficiency, connectivity, and sustainability across industries. We strive to be innovative, collaborative, and excellent in our pursuit of delivering transformative and reliable services to our clients.


Ready for the AI age

Tresel improves safety, response times, and frees up critical operator time, to allow them to focus on their job, rather than data collection and reporting.

Oil and Gas
  • Flowback and Completions - Gas, Water, Oil flow, pad-wide pressures and temperatures, tank levels
  • Fracking - Pressure and Temperature
  • Offset Fracking - Pressure
  • Pipeline - Hydrotest pressure and temperature, riser pressures
  • Water Management - Flow rates, Water license management, C-Ring and tank levels, diesel and electric pump control and automation
  • Water flow rates and temperatures
  • Electric pump control and automation
  • Water level monitoring
  • Diesel and electric pump control and automation
  • Tank levels
  • Water flow rates
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Seamless integration of the physical and digital realms

We strive to be innovative, collaborative, and excellent in our pursuit of delivering transformative and reliable services to our clients.

Industrial IoT
Improve your industrial processes with our tailored Industrial IoT solutions. Seamlessly connect instrumentation and equipment to gather valuable data, enabling predictive maintenance, performance optimization, and efficient resource management. Maximize productivity and minimize downtime with our robust suite of Industrial IoT services.
Data Integration
We offer comprehensive data integration services leveraging IoT technology, seamlessly connecting disparate data sources from legacy SCADA systems. Our services and expertise can help you craft insightful Power BI dashboards, empowering clients with real-time analytics and actionable insights for informed decision-making.
Automation & Instrumentation
With state-of-the-art automation and instrumentation services, our company combines expertise with innovation to revolutionize operational efficiency. By combining software and hardware experts we tailor our services to meet the diverse and demanding conditions of our industrial clients.
Deploying Real-Time Telemetry doesn't need to be a huge expense. Tresel Gateways support the most common IoT and industrial protocols, such as modbus, canbus and analog systems seamlessly connecting disparate data sources. Web-based customization require little experience to integrate with Power BI, Petro Class, mySQL, and other client specific data systems.

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