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We provide accurate real-time data.

Talon Link provides monitoring and alerting for Offsite frac monitoring, fluid management and wellsite health data services.

Offsite Frac Monitoring

Monitoring downhole pressures from adjacent wells and monitor communication between wells during fracturing operations to comply with AER Directive 83 and ensure wellsite integrity.

Fluid Inventory

Simple inventory tracking device for ponds, c-rings, tanks, and reservoirs. Complete volume and usage calculations using sensors instead of error prone human input.

Fluid Source

Track flow meters in realtime and report water usage immediately to the local regulatory agencies mitigating the risk of steep fines.

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Talon provides accurate, real-time data.

Web Application

Nothing to install - ready in minutes.

Track inventory

Map your inventories and infrastructure.

Identify opportunity

Identify operational water opportunities.


Automatic water movement tracking.


Customized and up-to-date data reports.

Usage reports

Automatic water usage report generation (WURS)

Built for compliance

Intrinsically built for regulatory compliance.


Interact with your trusted contractors.

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Quick and Easy

The Talon Link was designed to be fast, easy, and powerful. Talon deploys quickly, and you get your accurate data in minutes.

Quick and easy dashboard

Talon Analytics software is built on the powers engine. Our services is always accessible, secure and allows for machine analytics and alerts in realtime.

Easy to setup

Equipment and software work seamlessly for quicker setup.

Track your assets

All equipment and data is geo-tagged for deep insight into where your information is coming from.


Teleo delivers unique online tools which enable immediate team interaction, accelerating decision-making, reducing costs, and offering real-time communication specifically designed for remote field operations.


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We help a variety of different companies, all with a similar goal - realtime, accurate data and monitoring.


Our website portal

The Talon Link utilizes the powerful engine to run its web app. Built from the ground up for mobile phones, you can view your dashboard from your smartphone, or your desktop computer.

Security is our highest priority

You want your data to be reliable, but you need it to be secure. That’s why at Teleo, we take the security and integrity of your data extremely seriously.

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