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Technology Reshaping the Oilfield Jobs

March 10, 2019 teleo 0 Comments

A new study recently released by PetroLMI is showing a trend in the Canadian oil path that resembles what other industries have been seeing for years – that technology is reshaping the jobs market.

“Digital technologies, automation, outsourcing services to other countries, and the use of big data and analytics software are just some of the ways companies are squeezing out efficiencies and raising worker productivity.”

This presents all sorts of exciting new opportunities for new possibilities in the tech industries especially in areas of big data and analytics. Teleo is currently watching this trend and working on new technologies to compliment this new era of technology. Several ways we do this by developing new dashboards to displays analytics from the deep reservoirs of data that is being collected daily.

Teleo is also working with people who are interested in these new fields by assisting them with education tools and mentoring in fields that they may not be familiar with. Such as new technologies in IoT space, development tools for web development.

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