Offsite Frac Monitoring


Offsite Well Monitoring

Monitoring wellsite integrity using pressure sensors and streaming real-time data from adjacent wells. Quickly share real-time charts and data across multiple sites for data van operators, consultants and engineers.

Improve safety and use data to support risk mitigation to prevent costly wellsite recovery procedures.

Reliable, Quick Deployment

Field equipment uses the Talon Link. This equipment is built for harsh environment and runs on battery and solar power.



The Talon Link can be connected to the very popular Calscan 9000 pressure data recorders. Simple plug and play procedure and you can begin viewing the real-time data on the Talon portal.

Regulatory Compliance

Monitor communication between wells during fracturing operations to comply with AER Directive 83, and ensure wellsite integrity. All data is stored for historical retrieval and submission to the appropriate regulatory body.

Teleo can provide data submission services ensuring oil companies are in compliance with regulatory bodies.